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CHINA MACHINERY ENGINEERING CO., HUBEI LIMITED is a company from China exhibitors of 120th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


  • Products ShowRoom :
    Construction and Agriculture Machinery(Outdoor Open Area) ; Kids' wear ; Large Machinery & Equipment ; Home textiles ; Men and women's clothing ; Sports, travel and recreation products ; Power Machinery and Electric Power ; Hardware ; Cases and bags ; Gifts and premiums ; General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and Industrial Accessories ; Art ceramics ;
  • Scope of Business :
  • Main Products :
    Electrical and electrical, light industry
  • Briefing :
    China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation (CMEC) was established in 1978, is China's first Trade and Industry combination of the international project contracting, and exports complete sets of equipment and machinery and electrical products import and export business-oriented foreign trade and foreign economic and technological cooperation of large enterprises, 2007 import and export volume was about 2.05 billion U.S. dollars. CMEC and the world more than 120 countries and regions established trade relations, formed across the five continents of information, sales and service network and diversified marketing pattern. CMEC Secretary-related products and trademarks in many countries and regions registered, protected by law, of international fame. CMEC in the international project contracting, and exports complete sets of equipment, such as import and export of electromechanical products has advantages, particularly in the key means to be contracted international power plant projects and various large projects on the Habitat China's leading position. 20 in the 1980s, CMEC use of the successful export seller's credit of China's first set of 210,000 kilowatt power plant, the 1990s, China's No. 1 will be coal-fired, gas and lost generating units of China's 320,000 kilowatt thermal power units to enter the international market . Then the first one in Africa, the successful bidder, four 30,000 kilowatt generating units of large hydropower station project contracting. No. 1 export, design and installation of the melting 300 tons, 500 tons of glass vanity, we enter the new century, China will be the first 21 Wanlv program-controlled exchange of exports to Bangladesh. 1st remote control meter will be exported to Italy, Gabon, the first successful national radio and television center project contracting for the Chinese radio and television equipment exports complete sets of Africa opened up a new market. From 1996 onwards, CMEC has been for many years been a well-known U.S. "Engineering News-record" (ENR) magazine opt-in "world's 225 largest international contractors." CMEC complete sets of equipment have been exported to over 60 countries and regions, projects related to energy, electrical and heavy mining, general machinery, light industry, textiles, building materials, transport, communication and broadcasting, television, and other multi-country field. CMEC in the country has 31 wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries abroad and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has nine wholly-owned subsidiaries, 27 foreign representative offices and project offices. CMEC has developed into an operation to have property rights to trade as the main body, trade, industry, science and technology, services as one integrated enterprise groups. Located in Hubei Machinery Equipment Import and Export Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a subsidiary of CMEC. Promote people-oriented company, the operating principle of good faith, Qierbushe to the development of foreign trade and international engineering contracting as the main body, actively expanding diversified comprehensive management. With the vast number of friends at home and abroad to establish lasting and friendly economic and technological cooperation in international trade relations and join hands in creating a win-win glory.

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