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ZHEJIANG YONGGAO BATTERY CO.,LTD. is a company from China exhibitors of 120th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


  • Products ShowRoom :
    Consumer Electronics and Information Products ;
  • Scope of Business :
  • Main Products :
    Battery, Alkaline, Zinc Carbon
  • Briefing :
    Zhejiang Yonggao Battery Company Limited is a specialized and modemized manufacturer of dry battery products,this company previously named Zhejiang Jiaxing Battery Factory was founded in October 1952. Through half acentury of developing, the value of our general assets has benn closed to RMB100,000,000 and the modemized workshops are set up in the company with atotal gross floor area of 55,000 square meters. Also we own 20 sets more of complete production line and quality inspection equipment are advanced at home and abroad. We possess ateam of high caliber talents and the technology of battery production is kept improved so that our company was first one of the battery manufacturers to produce type ¡°C¡± ammonia chloride battery cells in China. The annual output of our company is 600,000,000 pieces of battery in vanous kinds including zinc manganese and alkaline manganese and the trade marks of ¡°PLOUGH¡±, ¡°MODIC-MAX¡± ¡°707¡±, and ¡°LIHE¡± we registered.We provide full range of batteries free mercury &cadmlum and our products have been exporting to over 50 more countries. Hthe company has a right to import and export since 1995 and got the ISO9002 approval in 1999. The company locates in Jiaxing city of Zhejiang province and is near to Shanghai,Hangzhou and the famous eastem harbour named Zhapugang with traffic benefits Furthermore,there are the sate way #320,jinghang river and both highways of Huhangyong and Zhajiasu are across our city.

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