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GUANGZHOU HEADWAY I.&E. TRADING CO.,LTD. is a company from China exhibitors of 120th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


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    Cases and bags ; Consumer Electronics and Information Products ; Office supplies ; Power Machinery and Electric Power ; Hardware ; Vehicle spare parts ;
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  • Main Products :
  • Briefing :
    The industry Chien lie the headway import and export limited company of Guangzhou City establishes in June of 2005.The company registers capital 1,500,000 dollar renminbi.The company has another through one years of plan and prepare with meticulous care, has conduct since February of 2006 import-export business, acquire the pleased person's result, exported to total USD 4,800,000 in 2006, import USD 230,000.Once 2007 go to October to export to total USD 8,500,000, importing USD 70,000.The exit product of the company management mainly has:Home appliances.Clothing.Hand bag.Decoration.Stationery.The vapor goes together with the product.Hardware product.An etc. of the steel , the product sell toward Hong Kong.Taiwanese region and Southeast Asia.Middle east.Africa.Europe and America etc. country.Import the product contain the automobile stereo set,100 cloths of jie .Timber etc.. The company management address locates flowers of Guangzhou City all area, own a good luck advantage, so the company has a foothold to spend all, rely on Pearl Rever Delta, collect of everyplace excellent, competitive products, aggressive recommend toward foreign businessman, the business have to expand quickly.The company owns a business troops of high character, and with everyplace of customs clearing agent build up the good cooperative relation, make the product that businessman need be able to have another the outlet purchase, and many seaport export, reduce the return conveyance of expenses.In the management, the company puts together the outside advantage of and the production advantage knot of the factory well, expanding the market together.In addition to strengthenning to the improvement of promote the product, the competition ability of the exaltation product outside, company recommend the new product, expand to trade the come-and-go conduct and actions development business with developing country of another one measure, obtain the bigger result.

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