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FUJIAN NANPING NANFU BATTERY CO., LTD. is a company from China exhibitors of 120th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


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    Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd.No.1 alkaline battery manufacturer and supplier in ChinaOne of the 520 key enterprises of People's Republic of ChinaAn enterprise with the title of Postdoctoral Workstation granted by the National Personnel BureauA key Hi-Tech enterprise among those awarded by the National Torch PlanA key export-oriented enterprise supported by the National Foreign Economy and Trade Department. Nanfu is one among the best-known benchmarks in national wide.Its products are graded as the well-known products within China battery industry.Its quality, capacity, and sales volume have made it the No.1 manufacturer in China, the third in Asia, and the fifth in the world for 10 years in a row. It has the capacity of making more than 1.2 billion alkaline batteries annually and its quality enjoys the same reputation as the world famous brands.It features the modern workshop and garden-like factory areas. And it also is supported with the most advanced equipments and the up to date technology. It has built the largest R&D centers with the collaborations with the research institutes from the key universities and China Science Academy, forming an initiative system featuring the combination of manufacturing, learning, and developing. There are 450 technicians and managing personnel specializing in various fields, most of them are doctors, postgraduates, and senior engineers, constituting more than 40% of total staffs in the factory. Its scientific achievements have filled in the gap in the battery industry in China, most of them reaching the international advanced level. Moreover, one of the achievements has been awarded the Silver Prize of National Scientific Achievement. Its alkaline battery has been graded as the environment-friendly products, and it reaches the target of making non-mercury cells put forward by the Chinese authorities five years in advance. It has been certified with "ISO9001" "ISO14001" Quality System and "China En

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